Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maple Cookies

Let me preface this post by stating that I am not on the payroll of Trader Joe's or Trader Joe's Fan. I just love shopping there. My grandpa used to shop at TJ's back in the day when it was just a funky little hole-in-the-wall kind of place full of dried fruits and wine. Now I shop there every week, buying almost all our staple items at this delightful emporium. Have you read the Fearless Flyer? I used to toss it in the recycle bag. Now I check things off the list that I want to try...

My latest find is the Maple Leaf Cookies. But even as I write this, they may already be sold out. I haven't been able to find them for the past two weeks. That's how yummy they are.

I just started veering away from chocolate, slightly. Brushing up against maple. Maybe it is a fall-time-of-year thing. My dad always liked maple bars from the doughnut shop, when I was a kid. My mom would just say, "yuck," in disgust. I think that's why I didn't even try one 'til I worked at that same doughnut shop later on as a teenager (but that's another story). Still, I was not convinced.

But now I like maple. And lots of it on my pancakes (Tom says, "Have a little pancake with your syrup", which, of course, I also buy at Trader Joe's). I put it in my oatmeal, too. I also like maple bars, and have been choosing them over the chocolate variety lately--sorry, mom. And now there are these yummy cookies. My dad likes them, too.

And they taste really good with a cup of hot chai.


  1. I have a serious, serious love affair with Trader Joes, and literally take a cooler whenever we make the four hour trip to ann arbor-- it is my one must-stop place when we travel. I'm walking over to my desk to put these cookies on my ever-growing when we go to TJ's list right now:)

  2. I don't dare taste these cookies a second time - they're addictive