Monday, February 27, 2017

Book o' the Month: Little House in the Big Woods

I think I started reading this book back in fourth grade, but never finished.  James and the Giant Peach was more my thing back then.  But now?  Now I am wondering, what took me so long?!

I LOVE it!  And nine-year-old Andrew loves it!  In fact, we are on to Little House on the Prairie and plan to read the entire series.

AND...we have been watching the TV series.  As a family.  Even the surly almost-thirteen-year-old can't get enough of it.  Hubby and I loved watching as kids and now we get to share it with our kids.  Too much fun, I tell you.

I have actually been on a prairie sort of binge lately.  Think:  Gunne Sax and Holly Hobbie.  But more on that later!

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Curator

Another of the many things I did not know would happen upon becoming a parent:  I am now a curator.

The closets are stuffed, under the beds are packed, the hallways are lined...with stuff.  In the busyness, craziness, and exhaustion of mothering small children things have not been, shall we say, sorted properly.  Schoolwork, artwork, toys, craft supplies, etc., etc., etc.

And it is my job to go through it all, piece by piece, and make decisions.  Keep or toss.  Recycle or upcycle.  Take a photo and let go.  Save.

Daunting.  And a little sad.

We have been in our rented house almost eleven years now (we never planned on renting for so long!) and so much has happened and so quickly.

What to save?  Every small bit holds a memory.  An anchor to the fleeting moments of my kids' childhood.

So I edit and create the collection.  It is a work in progress.  With no end in site.

(The Pucci Pups above did not make the cut.)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Spare Tire Crochet

Is this not completely awesome?  Not my car, but if I ever have one with the spare tire on the back, I am totally doing this!

Hello, Vertigo!

A week ago, I was going to write a post called, Hello, January!

But then I got vertigo and everything stopped.


About fifteen years ago, when I was a teacher, before I had kids, I had a case of vertigo.  Hubby took me to the ER because it was scary and I kept vomiting.  The doctor told me it was probably viral and would clear up on it's own.  In fact, he had just experienced the same illness, himself.  So, I went home and stayed on the couch for a week.  Then I went to work and a mom actually stayed the whole day to help, er watch me, because I was still woozy.

It's been ten days now and I am better, but not recovered.  It is very frustrating.  The best thing about having vertigo is that about all I can do is stay home and watch period dramas--at least since I have been able to watch TV again.  The worst thing, besides the discomfort, is that I couldn't take care of my family for several days and had to rely on Hubby to pick up the slack (poor guy!).  This week I'm able to drive (though it gives me a headache) and do my usual chores and errands, but it is not fun.

I remember from the last time that it took a while to feel fully normal (ha!) again, so I guess I know the drill.  But geez.  It sure reminds me to not take good health for granted.

Have you ever had vertigo?  Please commiserate (er comment) below!

DISCLAIMER:  If you experience vertigo, do what I did and CALL A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL right away.  S/he will need to rule out stroke and other frightening conditions, or have you call 911!

Happy new year.  (Maybe tomorrow I will watch this apropos film again starring my classic movie star boyfriend.)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Book o' the Month: The Snow Queen

While reading another book (which I will get to later after I finish it, ahem), I came across a number of references to Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale, The Snow Queen.  I requested it from my library--they have the Mary Engelbriet illustrated version, which is darling.

Now I want to find a translation of the original of this interesting story of kindness overcoming cruelty.  What I love about classics from myth to drama to fairy tale and on and on are the enduring themes we humans have been grappling with since our earliest history.

And how we consistently celebrate good championing over evil.

Week After Winter Solstice

Winter solstice did not go as planned--as expected.

I went grocery shopping (one of my least favorite occupations) instead of running at sunset.

However, exactly one week later, I found myself on the coastal trail.  Sometimes, things just work out that way.

Sometimes, things just work out.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice 2016

Winter solstice is here, my favorite day of the year. I opted for a nice cup of Mighty Leaf Earl Grey using my new tea kettle.  I didn't realize that I had been saving it for today, but sometimes things just work out like that. 

I have come to expect nothing less of this quietly magical day.

I have some "plans" for later, but I doubt they will work out quite like I have in mind.  And that's OK.  For me, winter solstice is a day for both reflecting and just being. 

Someday, I'd like to go to Stonehenge or Chitzen Itza or Chaco Canyon or another prehistoric site where the ancients built special places of observation of the scientifically mystical movement of celestial bodies. 

This evening, I hope to be running on the coastal trail when the sun sets (at 4:56) on this shortest day of the year.