Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby Shower

Last Saturday I attended a friend's baby shower. She is 8 months along and was radiant and happy. Perfect. Just as you would expect a new-mom-to-be to be.

This was the first baby shower I have been to since I became a mother. It's different when you are on the other side. You see, I'm a card-carrying member of the Club now. Club Mom. I've been through the initiation. I know the secret handshake. Well, it's more of a nod, with a certain look in your eye. There were other mothers there at the shower, of course. And if we looked at each other long enough, in the eye, the nod was there, though quite imperceptible to non-Club members.

The shower was lovely. There was food, including cookies, candy, and cake. There were balloons, cute animal-themed decorations, fun activities. And then there was the opening of the gifts. The "awwws" at the cute little clothes. The appreciation for the handmade items.

As I looked around at all the women in attendance, two things came to mind. First, how my friend simply cannot possibly know the full extend physically or emotionally of what will happen to her and her life in just about six more weeks. Her world will change forever in an instant. She will know joy unlike she has ever experienced. And she will be exhausted in so many ways and like never before. She will pass initiation.

Second, I felt heart-warmed for my friend. She was surrounded by her support group. She can call upon anyone one of us whenever she needs to. We all love her and delight in her excitement at bringing a new life into the world. The non-Club members will be there to listen, hold the baby, to help out however they can. And us Club members will do the same, as well as understand, reassure, and give advice if asked.

And, we will knowingly, lovingly give her the nod.


  1. I'm counting on the knowledge to help me out! ;)