Saturday, June 13, 2009

Onward and Upward

This past week my husband Tom, son Andrew*, and I, went to my daughter, Valerie's*, preschool end-of-school-year presentation, potluck, and party. I can hardly believe she has finished preschool and will be going on to kindergarten in the fall...

Fall? Who are we kidding? The middle of August is still the middle of summer, the last I checked. Those leisurely 3 month summer breaks have been whittled down to little more than 9 weeks in our neck of the woods. It seems like a long time, but it's not what you are used to, what you remember from back when you were a kid yourself. Just ask me. Not only was I a kid once, but I used to be a teacher!

Valerie is so ready for kindergarten (formerly known as "first grade"). She began writing phonetically back in February. She started really reading in May. I could go on and on. What I really want to say here, though, is how can she be five already?? It seems like only yesterday my tiny little baby girl was born....but that is another story.

Today's photo is of the gifts she presented to her teachers. I came across this fantastic idea at a really lovely blog called house on hill road. You can read about it and see photos in Ms. Harris' June 2nd post. (I've also used her "Packing List" idea to help Valerie pack her own bag--brilliant!) Inside each "to go" cup is a gift card for our local coffee shop and a bar of dark chocolate. I modified the project, covering the cups with wrapping paper Valerie picked out specially for each teacher. Then she topped them with her choice of bows. (She is great at making tape curls!) Finally I placed adhesive gift tags on the front of each one.

One of the teachers, upon receiving her gift, commented, "What could be better than a cup of coffee?" Then upon opening it, she answered herself, "Oh, coffee and chocolate!" A happy teacher=mission accomplished!

It might be a little late for you to use this idea for your own end-of-the-year teacher's gift, but it is a fine option for many gift-giving opportunities, I should think. I know I'd be happy to receive one!

*Not their real names--isn't that cool, I get to name them twice?!


  1. Hey what a great idea! Thanks for sharing.Not that I would ever do that, my creativity lies in other departments.

  2. as a preschool teacher can I just say that your gift's rock? We LOVE chocolate and gift cards....please no more apple necklaces and earrings!

  3. I read from the latest post to this one. Finally I understood who Andrew and Valerie are.