Saturday, July 11, 2009

::Saturday Sundries:: No. 2

Fuzzi Bunz
Fuzzi Bunz are cloth diapers. Who wouldn't want to wear soft fleece-lined underwear that come in a rainbow of colors and prints, too? If you have a baby or toddler in diapers and are looking for a cloth alternative to disposable, then these are wonderful.

If you search around, you will find quite the debate over cloth vs. disposable diapers. I've opted for using more resources for laundering (water and fossil fuels ultimately used to heat it) rather than adding to landfills. You need to make your own decision.

But if you decide on cloth, I can say I have had a lot of success with Fuzzis. I like that they have snaps that can't get clogged up with threads and lint like the velcro fasteners of some of the other brands. And if you follow the guidelines for care, they can last you a long time. I used the same set for 10 months with Andrew, and our current set (the next size larger) have been in use for 6 months now. Fuzzi Bunz also sells a wonderful diaper bag that hangs on a door knob that you can use instead of a diaper pail.

They aren't leak proof, so I usually put Andrew in Huggies Pure and Natural or Seventh Generation when we go out. And when Valerie was in diapers I used mostly Tushies. I feel good about not throwing away too many disposable diapers each week.

So, many of you probably have no need for information on diapers, but if nothing else, you can at least get a chuckle out of the cuteness of the name: Fuzzi Bunz.

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