Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Past and Present

Another Halloween is just around the corner. I will be walking in a Halloween parade downtown with Valerie and her entire school on Friday. I can't wait. When I was in kindergarten, we did a downtown parade, too. I think I remember it, but I might just be very familiar with the photos. Hard to say...

That's the ballerina costume I wore. My mom made it and the one my sister wore, but hers was red-orange. We also wore Raggity Ann masks. I'm not sure why. Valerie got to wear that very same ballerina dress for Halloween back when she was just 3. It was a little big. Now she can hardly zip it up in the back, and it is short on her. She is quite a bit taller than I was at her age. She is going to tower over me when she's a teen, for sure.

Back when I was in Girl Scouts, we cut jack-o-lantern faces out of tortillas. Then spread butter on them. Then sprinkled them with sugar and cinnamon. Then put them in the oven 'til crispy. I started making them with Valerie when she was just 18 months old. I guess it was more for me when she was just a toddler. This year we each got our own (while Andrew was napping).

Valerie is going to be a black cat for Halloween this year. I made her a jumpsuit with a zipper up the front out of black cotton. I bought headband ears and a tail at Walgreens to complete the costume. Andrew will wear the bat costume I made for Valerie at age 2 1/2. It fits him. Makes clear how much bigger he is than she was at his age. He will be towering over me someday, too.

I'm going to dress as a witch. I have a black hat that I dolled up with black tulle and a crow. I've got this great (hand-me-down) puffy sleeved stretch velvet jacket and a black mini skirt. And I've got the requisite black and white striped socks that I'm going to wear with mary jane heels. Tom, who already towers over me, is still on the fence. But I'm trying to get him to wear black so we can all be matchy-matchy and take a cool family photo all dressed up together. So far we've got him in his graduation robe and black turtle neck...

Here is the link to a blog I like to peek in on called A Fanciful Twist. Vanessa, the artist/blogger, goes all out at Halloween. If you need something to get you in a spooky mood, have a look!

What will you be for Halloween?


  1. Max is going to be a piece of firewood, and Tanya finished his costume today. He wants me to be a wood pile, but it ain't happenin. I thought that if he was going to be a piece of firewood, we could put an axe in his head, which would really tie things together nicely, but that also ain't happenin.

  2. p.s. I'm going to try the tortillas before the weekend is out.