Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Calculated Risk

I attempted it again yesterday morning. Going out to the mail box in my PJs. Luckily, I'm not that modest. Plus, after the experience of giving birth (twice), the idea of modesty is pretty much out the window, anyway.

So, I went out in my PJs and Crocs. I would've worn my sock monkey slippers if the sidewalk hadn't been wet with rain. And I was seen. I was seen by two male neighbors, both old enough to be my father. We all waved, no big deal. But I just had to laugh at myself. It is always such a calculated risk.

And on a different note, by posting the ubiquitous photo looking down at my feet, I have joined the ranks of so many blogs I like to look at. I think maybe I'm a real blogger now.


  1. I never thought of the 'feet' shot as a rite of passage ... but I think you are right! he he

  2. you crack me up!!!! I go out in my nightgown constantly to rearrange the cars in our little driveway.
    I'm sure my neighbors have seen more of me than they care too.

  3. I've taken that daring risk before -- usually it's something involving the dog getting twisted around a clothsline. I just look both ways and make a run for it -- hoping all the while that no one is looking. I remember my neighbor used to hide her kids Christmas presents in her car trunk. I caught her in her nightgown one year trying to unload or reload her car. It was too funny. (I wish we had some croc-weather here).