Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Book o' the Month: My Dream of You

I happened upon My Dream of You three years ago while browsing a local bookshop in my hometown. I was drawn to the intriguing cover and the fact that it was written by an Irish woman. I read it mostly at night while soaking in the tub. It was a good read, one that transported me back in time and thousands of miles away to Ireland where some of my ancestors once lived.

While looking up information for this post yesterday, I found out that the author, Nuala O'Faolain, had died in May of 2008. It makes me sad and contemplative to realize I read her book just one year before she died of breast cancer. I also read her memoir right after I finished My Dream of You. There is a part two to the memoir that is on my to-read-someday list. Because of Ms. O'Faolain, I have had a renewed interest in biographies, especially those of women. Please send your recommendations my way.

Note: Image is Clip Art, but I dream of going to Ireland someday to take my own.

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