Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Highlights

Highlights from my Mother's Day...

all dolled up in my favorite green with white polka dots skirt
going out to my favorite breakfast restaurant
cute picture taken with cute kids
chocolate chip pancakes
a little crochet
coffee+hot cocoa=mocha
listening to my favorite album
Valerie dancing to one of my favorite songs
lots and lots of homemade gifts
Tom's pesto and spaghetti for dinner

oh, yeah and
Andrew vomiting all over the front of me and down my back
at breakfast
after drinking a whole cup of apple juice too fast
followed by a sausage chaser

I laughed about it all the way home
because, really, what could be more perfect on Mother's Day?


  1. Whoa!!!! Sounds like a lovely day - mixed with a little vomit.....some days just have a little vomit.

  2. My little Daniel seems only vomit over Mommy's shoulder. Mommy was satisfied thinking that little tummy was full.

    sorry I've been writing the posts only in Chinese recently.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day (well maybe minus the vomit, but there is some of that here also!) Happy belated Mother's Day!!