Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last Days of Kindergarten

Valerie has had an excellent Kindergarten year. She has done extremely well academically, she has made friends, she has grown more independent and confident. And most importantly, she loves school. She says she wishes she could stay in kindergarten forever.

I'm looking forward to the summer break. No more getting everyone into the kitchen for breakfast, making lunch, making sure teeth are clean, clothes are on, hair is brushed, getting to school on time. And every little thing in between. Oh, and I won't miss the sometimes carrying Andrew, yelling and thrashing, back to the car after the drop off. Because he wants to go to Kindergarten, too.

We have fun plans for the summer break. Valerie will go to two weeks of day camps, but the rest of the time will be purposefully unstructured. Each day will be a new adventure. And each day I will be happy to have my babies close to me.

After these last few days of kindergarten, there will only be nine short weeks until Valerie starts first grade. First grade will be fun. I ought to know, I was a first grade teacher before she was born. But I also taught kindergarten. And kindergarten is very, very special.

Valerie, I wish you could stay in kindergarten forever, too.


  1. I LOVE summer. I love not having schedules to keep and so many places to be all the time. I love just getting up and deciding what fun thing to do that day. So fun!

    First grade. That is such a huge move. So much growth happens in first grade. My oldest is going into 2nd and my second oldest is going into kindergarten. They are SO excited. My youngest boy will be in 3K. Our schedules are gonna be crazy so we are taking advantage of our summer. ;)

  2. Here in NYS, we still have four weeks of school left. I'm totally jealous that everyone else seems to be done with school. Enjoy those nine wonderful weeks....They're going to fly by. And those kindergarten graduations do tug at your heartstrings.