Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mad Tea Party 2010 at sara-sundries

The White Rabbit beckoned us to pass through the garden gate

and over to a lovely spot just right for a tea party

Horse was the first guest to arrive

and soon others joined in the fun

Triceratops was ready for tea and cookies

as well as Bear and T. rex

T. rex wanted to sit by Horse

then there was trouble

Triceratops suggested they wear flowers

T. rex liked that idea, as he held out his cup for tea

Bear enjoyed her cookie

and The White Rabbit was pleased.


  1. ~*~*~*Hip hip hurray it's Tea Party Day!*~*~*~

    Having dinosaurs at the party was too much fun!

    Thanks for having me at your tea party! if you haven't been already, you're cordially invited to my mad tea party! Have yourself a mad sort of day! :)

  2. Sam and I enjoyed your party! He said this is my kind of party when he saw the T-Rex! Thanks for having us over for tea.

  3. Hello Sara,

    I guess this was a teaparty really suited for your children ! Not all children can tell their friends about a real teaparty in the garden with dinosaurs as guests !
    You may bet they 'll treasure this !

    greetings from Belgium
    feel welcome at my party : I have a blog give away...

  4. Thank you for inviting me to your delightful tea party! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  5. What a wonderful prehistoric tea party...and enjoyed having a cup of tea with you

  6. That was entertaining! It looks like fun to plot and plan such an adventure.

  7. Now THAT was a Tea Party!
    Thank-You for letting me join you for all the fun. :O)

  8. Wonderful Tea Party! I had loads of fun with all of your unique guests!! I hope you will stop by our Mad tea party and have a spot of tea and say hello!
    Happy tea partying,

  9. Lovely - kids and tea parties go together! I love the horse! Won't you join us for tea at our Mad Tea Party - Fairy Tale

  10. Happy Tea Party! Glad I could stop by. Thankyou so much for having me x

  11. I loved your tea party and all of the guests, even though the dinos got a little out of control. LOL! It was fun! It actually was the life of the party. I hope you'll come have a spot of tea with me. I don't have any dinosaurs, but I do have Johnny Depp who makes a cameo appearance. ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  12. What a delightful Tea party :-) Triceratops wearing flowers. I am trying to get through the list of Parties but am like the white Rabbit getting behind. You may wonder why then I am so far down the list it is because I started at the bottom :-D I thought I would give those at the bottom a chance to be first. You are of course invited to come to tea and join my giveaway.

  13. What a fun party, I loved all of the little attendees!! :) Thank you so much for having me over for tea :) ~Lauren

  14. Nice addition of the Triceratops, too funny!