Thursday, September 2, 2010

Late Summer Sky

The late summer sky last weekend reminded me of fall. Really, the weather has just started to get hot around here, but still the light is changing. And it is lovely. I love autumn.


  1. i can't believe it's already september. but i agree ... i love the fall. and the change of season from summer to fall... cool nights and mornings. sunny days. it's magic!

  2. I Remember sitting on a blanket, looking at the blue sky and watching the clouds go by with familiar shapes.... a bunny, sail boat, car, kite, face. Cant think of anymore shapes..gotta make time to do this with the girls this Labor day weekend:)

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I can't wait for fall either. I am tired of the heat and am anxious for a little cool weather around here!