Thursday, October 28, 2010


My favorite thing about Halloween is sewing the costumes. Valerie is going as a dragon this year, so there was a top/wings to construct as well as these glove/claws. I am loving how everything has come together, especially the claws.

I got two pairs of gloves (a set) at Target for $1.50. The rectangle of white felt cost 29 cents. So, a total bargain. I simply cut out ten felt claws (two at a time) and sewed them on to the fingertips of the grown-up-sized gloves with a zigzag stitch. So, totally easy. Quick, too.

And way fun.


  1. Those are awesome! One of my favorite childhood memories is going with my Mom to the fabric store and picking our costume!! Then she would sew it and we would try it on in the process! She made every single costume!! I wish I had made Bailey's this year, but with her first birthday and a couple family things I ended up buying it, she is pretty cute though :)

  2. Ooooh, thats going to be a great costume!

  3. You are crazy!!!

    I just go and buy a cute outfit and get creative on the accessories!

    Only you would go all out and sew it from scratch, with love and no cursing.
    Thats why I love you!!!

    You are one in a million:)
    Stay That way!!