Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Best Days of Your Life

I've been told, in the past month, by two different sources, that these are the best days of my life. Now, while my kids are little. It has resonated with me so, that it has become a mantra for me on these days which, lately have been a bit, shall we say, trying.

"It's tough bein' a kid," my grandma always says. Especially, when you're two, like Andrew. And a challenging time to be a parent, I have been reminded.

But These Are Days to remember (and I've been singing it since Valerie was born). When Valerie leaves "MAMA" in magnetic letters on the fridge for me to find. When she spends all morning designing and sewing (!) a felt heart and bird, then giving me her delightful creations (which, upon the wall, serve to remind me of both her love and that one day she will fly). When Andrew must spend at least ten minutes cuddling in the morning before he is ready to get up. When he will give me kisses just for the asking.

Really, what is better than having my little ones near me? Sometimes I wish I could freeze them, just as they are right now. Tom is more pragmatic, more holistic, reminding me how wonderful it is to watch them grow, to see who they become.

But me? Now I know why my grandma always said she wanted to put a brick on my head--to keep me little. I could use a couple of bricks.


  1. I need a brick too.....make them stop growing, it's all too fast!

  2. Truthfully, I've enjoyed all the stages my kids went through. There was so much work involved when the kids were little, that even though I was sad to see them grow and become more independent -- I was okay, because I too could have a little more freedom.

    Just be sure to take the time to enjoy it all.

  3. I enjoyed their baby and toddler years. They are wonderful memories to hold on to.

    But I love their little girl years too.
    I love hearing their independent thoughts on their hopes and dreams,sharing real conversations about life and sharing funny incidents from school.

    I love our trips to Sea World, Disneyland, the beach, zoo and going out for dinner.....
    WITH OUT.... the stroller, bottle bag, extra change of clothes for accidents, outfits for night time,and blankets.

    We can hang out as girls now and do the girlie stuff like, nails, hair-do, crafts, make special cards, starbucks and shopping...OF COURSE!!!

    I heard a saying a few years ago, "As you kids grow, every stage is precious". I get it now, EVERY stage has firsts that you can share together.

    Enjoy them at every stage!
    I know us crazy-camera moms always will!!

  4. Yes, these are the best days, but ya know what, they keep getting better.

  5. I absolutely love this time with my little ones, but I wish I could bottle some so I could enjoy it later, when I'm not so tired.

  6. And I'm impressed with the sewing too!