Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Book o' the Month: The Secret Lives of Dresses

I have been reading Erin McKean's blog A Dress A Day since I started reading blogs, about two and a half years ago. If you enjoy sewing and love vintage, you should definitely stop by.

And...if you enjoy sewing and love vintage, you should definitely read her book, The Secret Lives Of Dresses. I picked it up while on vacation, and could hardly wait to get back to it each night when the kids got to sleep.

It makes me want to go shopping at a vintage boutique the next time I need something special. Or attempt to sew something from an old pattern. Or wear one of my Grandma's hats. Or...the list goes on!

Check out Turn the Page ... Tuesday over at Some of a Kind today!


  1. Oh that sounds so interesting ... might have to check that book out!

  2. While our on a bike ride this morning, I noticed a seamstresses "dress holder" mannequin (not sure what they are called) with a cute little summer outfit on and a straw hat on top... I imagine this dress has a secret life, too. A story at the least.

    Funny how the world works - two unique dress references in one day! Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. Just added this one to my wish list... :)

  4. Oh how fun! Not only am I adding the book to my list, but I'm going to pop over and have a look at Erin's blog! My daughters and I were wedding dress shopping for my oldest last weekend and found an adorable vintage boutique. Such beautiful dresses!