Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank You, Neighbors

We are so lucky to have some of the nicest neighbors. Not only are they friendly and kind, but they have done several small favors for us since we moved here over five years ago. (Including helping Hubby trap a lizard that had gotten into the house!)

The photo is of the view out of our guest bedroom window. I love to see the neighbors' tomatoes growing big this time of year and beginning to ripen. Last year, we were given several dozen of these most delicious fruits (which I sliced and ate on toast with cream cheese. Yum.) I hope they have a surplus this year, too.

If you look closely, you'll also see the Sweet peas growing this year. Sweet peas are one of my favorite flowers. What a wonderful surprise it was when I saw their familiar vines starting to grow up the fence! And then the blossoms: pink, lavender, magenta. And then the fragrance: sweet, wafting into the window on a gentle breeze.

Thank you, dear neighbors. Double thanks!

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