Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Book o' the Month: North and South

No, this has nothing to do with that awesome TV mini-series we all watched in the 80s. But, I did read it after watching this mini-series. I had to see what I might have been missing, by reading the book. I really must stop watching the film versions of novels before I actually read them. (Which is why I refuse to go see The Help before I read the book.)

North and South is by Victorian novelist Elizabeth Gaskell. I would easily say she is on par with Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters. It was so hard to put this book down, I even read a chapter or two in bed at night by the light of my smart phone. I think that Margaret Hale is now one of my favorite heroines in English Literature. (John Thornton, isn't too shabby, either.) I am looking forward to reading (and watching) more of Mrs. Gaskell's works.

So, please read the book first, as it has much more depth than the film version, but then go ahead and watch the mini-series. (And let me know what you think of the ending...)

P.S. Today is Turn the Page ... Tuesday over at Some of a Kind. Take a peek!


  1. Oh boy oh boy ... It is my goal to read as many classics as I can fit into my limited time and grubby hands - on the list it goes!

  2. I'm with Adrienne! I love the classics and this is one that I have yet to read. Thanks for the reminder - North and South is on my list too! (and then the mini-series!)

  3. I don't remember the series... Probably too busy watching Family Ties or MTV for the classics. But now!! Tonight is my Book Club selection meeting... I know what I'm bringing as a suggestion. Thank you, Sara!!

  4. This is next up on my Netflix queue....And a big thanks for pointing me toward "Downton Abbey." Can I just tell you, I plowed through that series in about two days. It was wonderful. I hear we'll have to wait until January until season 2 airs on PBS.