Thursday, December 22, 2011

Careeening Towards Christmas

This holiday season is really kicking my butt. Today I realized,while driving into town with the kids on errands yet again, that today is the Winter Solstice. But, here on the west coast, I guess maybe it was yesterday? I'm a little confused. In general.

(Though, after reading this, I see that Winter Solstice is about the longest night of the year. I guess I should have been celebrating the sunrise this morning instead of...)

The sun will set today at 4:48 PM. I thought it might be nice to celebrate by going somewhere to watch it. But the kids don't want to go anywhere, and who could blame them? So, at our house, the sun will have set behind the mountain by the time I post this blog.

But, I will be drinking a cup of tea, and trying to slow down a bit. Before I go completely nuts.

Because there is light. Today is a good day for me to remember that.

(Image is Microsoft Clipart.)


  1. I was confused about winter solstice too. I thought it was yesterday, but someone wished it to me today.

  2. Gorgeous picture! I felt the same way going in to Christmas. Haggard. Hope you had a chance to slow down and had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you and your family an incredible 2012!