Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bas Bleu

Just sharing a good thing with you today.  The Bas Bleu catalog.  Bookseller-By-Post, to be exact.  I've been getting this catalog for years, and I read it.  The short descriptions accompanying each item are delightful.  I get the best recommendations here.  In fact, I marked 12 pages in this particular catalog to remind me of books I'd either like to give or receive.

If you you need a good summer read (first check out Turn the Page ... Tuesday), just go to and browse, or request a catalog.

Note:  I am not affiliated with Bas Bleu, I just think they are an outstanding bookseller!


  1. oh how cool! I am going to request one right now ~ toodles ;-)

  2. Thanks, I just requested a catalog myself...