Monday, July 9, 2012

Book o' the Month: The Sea Lady

Last summer vacation, I found this book and put it on my reading list for this summer.  I checked it out from the library to bring with me to the beach.

It was a nice experience to read a novel with such strong sea themes with the sound of crashing waves in the background (however often interrupted by various people needing attention...lest you think I just sat around reading all day long--I wish).

The Sea Lady by Margaret Drabble was an enticing read.  The first three quarters of the book take you on the journey of two (or is it three?) main characters as they travel towards the same point, and their suspense-filled reunion.  I don't want to give too much away, except to say that the last quarter of the book might require you to take out your critical English Lit. skills.  I'm still thinking about it...a good feeling to read something with a bit of a challenge!

I first read Margaret Drabble's The Waterfall in college and I remember enjoying it a great deal.  (I had a really good professor who asked us to read enjoyable books.)  Time for a reread.  Have you read any Margaret Drabble?

So what if today is not Tuesday?  Go ahead on over to Some of a Kind to see what the other TTPT gals have been reading!


  1. I remember one year I read a "beach book" at the beach - it was fun! So glad you were able to join in!

  2. The picture alone would make me pick up this book. It sounds intrigeing!

  3. I haven't read any of Margaret Drabble but it sounds fascinating, a little challenge is always good! Hope you are enjoying the summer :)