Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Books o' the Month: Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, The Exile

Hello, have you noticed that I haven't posted anything in over a month?  Noticed that I never did an October header, and that I just got a new one for fall up today?  Wanna know why?

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  Seriously, do not even open this book if you want or need to get anything done.  I'm telling you, if you read Outlander, you will want to read Dragonfly in Amber, The Exile, (a graphic novel covering part of the Outlander novel) and the other five books in the series.  There is another book coming out in a year.  (And there is likely a TV mini-series in the works.)

My friends who recommended this series to me said it had some time travel, adventure, romance, all in Scotland.  Indeed!  You should also know it is quite the bodice ripper.  And the end of Outlander is a bit disturbing.  These books are looooong, too.
And...what's cool is that Outlander was published in 1991.  Those who began the series back then have had to wait between each new release, whereas I (and you, too, if you are also new to this party), can just read them all together!

Well, that's all the time I have to spare right now.  Back to Voyager!  I'm on page 553 (of 1059) and I've got to see what's going to happen next.  I think I'll be finished by the end of the week.  Better request Drums of Autumn from the library now.

Yes, I'm a little absorbed, shall we say?

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  1. Oh my gosh! Talk about long books! Sounds like you have been busy ;-). Thanks for joining in.

  2. How fun! I read Drums of Autumn several years ago not knowing until I was part way in that it was part of a series. I enjoyed it but know it would have been better if I had read the others first!

  3. oh i was just looking for a new book!!1 I'll go over to the library right now and check it out! Thanks for the tip!

  4. LOL - glad you are enjoying! I only read Outlander, but LOVED it! Enjoy!

  5. I almost just bought one at a library sale. After reading Paula's comment I'm glad I didn't so that I will start with Outlander....
    So glad you are enjoying these Sara!

  6. I know when I visit your blog I'll be adding to my library list! Good I need a good page turner...

  7. Oh, These sound like good books!!!! The best kind are the ones that you can't put down!