Monday, March 10, 2014

Books o' the Month: The Best Cat Ever and Persuasion

The Best Cat Ever, by Cleveland Amory, was as delightful as the first two books in the trilogy.  I found the section where Mr. Amory recounted his experiences with and impressions of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor particularly entertaining.  The last chapter, detailing Polar Bear the cat's last days, was powerful and had me in tears.

Then, I read two novels out of curiosity that were engaging, but ultimately not very good.  I won't go into details here as I don't really want to post negative reviews.  

After that, I had to cleanse my palate, so I reached for Jane!  I read Persuasion and it was wonderful.  Miss Austen does not disappoint.  The last work in my Jane Austen anthology is Lady Susan, a short epistolary novel, revealed through a series of letters written back and forth between characters.  It was very entertaining.  Few can match Austen's wit and I find again that her observations, made over two hundred years ago, are still quite apt in today's society.  Good stuff.
Next, I binged on two film adaptations of Persuasion.  More about that later...

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