Saturday, July 12, 2014

Book o' the Month: Written in My Own Heart's Blood

It took me seven days to read Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon.  I could have done it in much less.  I devoured it bit by bit, much like a mom sneaking a couple of chocolates at a time out of the cupboard, rather than sitting down with a fork and a huge piece of Hot Lava Cake.  That is because, well, I am a mom and while I let most everything else go ignored all of last week, I still had to feed my family (and do dishes) and get the kids places on time (and watch them during their activities).

A few thoughts:

1.  I was wondering about the choice of title, afraid it might be a little cheesy, but upon reading the scene it was taken from, it now makes Perfect Sense, and I like it.

2.  The thing I most like about Ms. Gabaldon's writing is that I care about the characters.  That's what will keep me in suspense for the next four years awaiting Book 9.  I really do want to see what happens next.

3.  DG uses a wonderful variety of vocabulary in her writing--it is fun (for lack of a much more amusing word) to read.  Also, this book, I think, was the most humorous of her novels.

Well, that was fun.  What now?  I am going to my contact my cable company and decide if I will pay for the package that includes STARZ which is airing the Outlander TV series beginning August 9th.  Or else, I will have to wait for it to come out on DVD, or On Demand.  I don't really think I can wait.

Is there anything else on STARZ that I should know about, to help me rationalize make my decision?

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