Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Books o' the Month: Christmas Pudding and Pigeon Pie

For December, I read Christmas Pudding by Nancy Mitford (that's her on the book cover above).  If you like Downton Abbey, you might like reading Mitford's books, too.  British upper class wit and silliness, I have read that what she wrote was based on people she knew.  It is quite entertaining.  I am currently in the middle of Pigeon Pie, and enjoying it, as well.

Speaking of Downton...Season 5 if off to a great start, don't you think?  Fun stuff!  And then Outlander starts up again in April.

In the meantime, I will be reading a book series I just found out about over at Some of a Kind for today's Turn the Page ... Tuesday.  Check it out!!

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  1. I've read a few of Mitford's book too - loved them. I have to admit I've never seen Downton ... I know I KNOW! That's going to change in 2015 ;-) So glad you joined in!