Monday, June 20, 2016

Book o' the Month: Anna Karenina...still

Hi there!  I thought I had missed only one month of posting, but it's more like almost three.  That's what happens when you work full-time, I guess.  I had a long-term substitute teaching assignment in kindergarten--and I loved it!

It was also a window into the life of being a working mom.  Weird designation because ALL moms work.  A LOT.  But there it is.  I worked full-time and survived.  It was exhausting and challenging, but I fed my family, did laundry, and got the the kids where they needed to be (with Hubby's help).  I was Supermom.  It was doable, even though some stuff didn't get done.

Like reading.  I am still not finished with Anna Karenina.  The title character didn't even make an appearance until Chapter 18, but now that she has arrived, things are moving along.  I am finding that Tolstoy is one of those incredible writers who can describe inner thoughts in such an accurate and honest way.  Good stuff.

I've got 700 more pages to go, so now I'm just hoping to finish by the end of July.

What are you reading this summer?  Need a recommendation?  Check out Some of a Kind!

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