Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice 2016

Winter solstice is here, my favorite day of the year. I opted for a nice cup of Mighty Leaf Earl Grey using my new tea kettle.  I didn't realize that I had been saving it for today, but sometimes things just work out like that. 

I have come to expect nothing less of this quietly magical day.

I have some "plans" for later, but I doubt they will work out quite like I have in mind.  And that's OK.  For me, winter solstice is a day for both reflecting and just being. 

Someday, I'd like to go to Stonehenge or Chitzen Itza or Chaco Canyon or another prehistoric site where the ancients built special places of observation of the scientifically mystical movement of celestial bodies. 

This evening, I hope to be running on the coastal trail when the sun sets (at 4:56) on this shortest day of the year.

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