Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mommy Lit

Parenting books are fine and all, but may I suggest something a lot more entertaining and oftentimes just as informative?

Mommy Lit(erature). I don't know if I've actually coined a new phrase here, so please let me know if you'd heard it before. I'm talking about mamas writing about motherhood. In all it's glory.

My introduction to Mommy Lit was in 2003, during my first pregnancy. I had signed up for weekly updates on the development of my embryo/fetus/baby at babycenter.com. That is where I came across Catherine Newman's weekly journal, Bringing Up Ben and Birdy. I was addicted. Her writing made me laugh and cry and nod my head enthusiastically.

So, when she published her book, Waiting for Birdy: A Year of Frantic Tedium, Neurotic Angst, and the Wild Magic of Growing a Family, I had to read it right away. And it was so good, I couldn't put it down! That was 2005, and since then my copy of the book has been passed around lovingly to new and expectant mothers, alike. Maybe it will pass through your hands, too. If not, I suggest you check it out at your local library, or for goodness sakes, support Ms. Newman and buy your own copy!

I currently keep up with Catherine Newman's wonderful writing on her blog. See for yourself at benandbirdy.blogspot.com, and tell her I sent you!


  1. Maybe after I'm done with my bookclub book, and Dooce's book, I can read this one. Thanks. It's nice to hear from the real Moms isn't it. Made me augh and feel normal.

  2. Best new mommy book EVER: "Operating Instructions: A journal of my son's first year" by Anne Lamott. Not to be read until after baby is born (you won't get it and it might freak you out), but do read soon thereafter. What a great way to feel not so alone in your experiences. Lamott shares the bliss and the not-so-bliss of the first year of the first baby.

  3. Great parenting book: "Raising Your Spirited Child" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka