Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sanity in a Cup

Yesterday was one of those days. They don't happen that often. But when they do, there is only one plan of action. Drive thru Starbucks. Whoever got the grand idea of making a Starbucks drive thru has my thanks.

The nearest Starbucks drive thru is about 20 miles from our house. And gas in our neck of the woods is $3.24 per gallon. So, not so good for the environment or the pocketbook. But when my 5-year-old is having a meltdown that nothing at home can cure, and my 16-month-old is taking cues, sometimes it is the only way for mommy to stop yelling and get a grip. And the kids get a nice little restful car ride, strapped into their respective car seats.

I get me a nice Venti Mocha. Decaf. Because I'm already stimulated enough, right? It is purely psychological, and a little scary, but as soon as that first sip of whipped cream/coffee/milk/chocolate passes my lips I feel a little bit of peace. I know it is like 600 calories, but I don't care.

Valerie asks if she can have a treat from 'Bucks. I tell her no, we are only here for something to drink. See? I was smart and grabbed snacks for the kids to munch on the way, and ice water at 'Bucks is free. I know the days are numbered before she figures out that a Mocha is a treat for me. And Andrew, for now, is quite happy with a cracker.

Then we go for a nice long walk (stroller ride for Andrew) on a nice scenic trail, which is the plan that got Valerie into the car in the first place! And suddenly everyone, even me, is smiling, laughing, peaceful.

This is why whenever a relative asks me what I would like for a birthday or Christmas gift, I always reply, Starbucks gift card, please. So thank you, Starbucks gift card givers. And thank you Starbucks, my sanity in a cup.