Saturday, July 4, 2009

::Saturday Sundries::

And so begins Saturday Sundries. Each Saturday I will offer a person, place, thing, idea, etc. that I enjoy, find useful, or just plain like. Why? Because I want to share them with you. These sundry items are things that give a little kick to everyday living. Please feel free to add your comments, as well.

No. 1~ ParadesIn honor of Independence Day, let's start off with the Parade. That's where my brood and I (along with the grandparents, this year) will be this morning. Everyone loves a parade, right? OK, you knew that was coming. I didn't know just how much I loved a parade until we took Valerie, at 2 years old, to her first one. She was so excited to see the fire engines she was literally speechless, with her little hands covering her mouth. I will never forget it.Where else do you get to see so many interesting people, well, march by right in front of you? Our local parade has everything from Aztec to Turkish dancers, stilt walkers to pageant princesses, horses to parrots, marching bands to jazz ensembles. So many civic groups get involved. And we even have this one fabulous senior citizen who carries the flag while wearing a black bodysuit, numerous strings of beads, and white go-go boots. Honestly, I would go just for her.

Then there are the young soldiers who proudly march and bring tears to my eyes every time, if only because looking at their faces, I respect the personal decision each of them has made to serve. And then the Purple Heart recipients are motored by, and the Pearl Harbor survivors.

So, here's to Parades, and to all those who march in them, and to all of those who go to watch. I hope you get to enjoy a parade today (please leave a comment below if you do). Happy 4th to you! Oh, and Happy Birthday, U.S. of A!


  1. Some of my favorite memories are of decorating my bike with my siblings and all of us riding in the Fillmore 4th of July a teenager I marched in so many I'm now paraded out.....but soon we may start again to see the baby's reaction.

  2. Wow you totally made me miss that goofy parade. You have some skill!