Thursday, August 27, 2009

Looking for a New Rhythm

Okay, I know. That last post was a little whiny. A little negative. Last weekend had that vibe and it spilled over into the new week. But last night I went to bed at 9pm. I'm feeling better today. (However, if you are ever in the mood to really vent about the state of modern motherhood, take a look at this book. I came across it right about when Valerie was the age Andrew is now, hmmm...)

So, as a dear teacher-colleague-friend of mine likes to say, "Onward and upward!"

When I was a teacher (I used to return to work this time of year, but that is another story) I loved working with the kids, of course, but I also really really liked being organized and following a routine to keep things running smoothly. It worked. After Valerie was born, I spent a long time fighting, emotionally, the complete disruption of my previous way of life. It was quite a while before I "surrendered to motherhood".

The other thing I was really good at as a teacher was being flexible. I think that was possible because of the sturdy foundation of organization and routine I had going. That was the framework, and flexibility--breaking free of it at times--was fun and exciting, and oftentimes very necessary. In my current position as a mother to very young children, flexibility is so key. Flexibility reigns, because kids grow and change so quickly.

When I was teaching, I knew that when the students started getting antsy it was time for some changes. Time to step back and look at the state of affairs and try some new things. Get a new schedule going. And that's where I am again, right now as a mama. I'm stepping back, and I am looking.

Looking for a new rhythm around here. We kind of galumphed and sprinted through summer, and now we are peering ahead to fall, though with our local school district's early start to the school year and the unseasonably cool weather we've been having--knock on wood-- it kind of feels like fall has already arrived.

Maybe this time I can schedule in a little time for sewing and crochet. Or yoga, or other consistent EXERCISE. Maybe daily dancing in heels in the hall.


  1. How are you posting pictures? Blogger hasn't let me post anything for ages. ;(
    I feel like I have completely lost my organized life and the one I have now is being completely run by a 3 week old baby. I agree that as a teacher a schedule is EVERYTHING and I had all intentions of the same in my house - yeah, that lasted all of 2 days and now I just have to let him decide and then when he's asleep I try to get everything done....crazy and wonderful this parenthood thing!

  2. Flexibility is key, and so easy to forget it's the only sane option!