Saturday, August 29, 2009

::Saturday Sundries:: No. 9

Television ~ Royal Pains and Burn Notice
Tom and I watched the new series Royal Pains this summer on the USA Network. The season finale was on last Thursday. (Yes, I am that person who, as you are driving down the road, likes to point out interesting things to see that you are just about to pass.) So now we, thankfully, don't have an excuse to be up 'til 11pm on Thursdays anymore.

We both like all the main characters, except Jill, though I like her hairstyle. Hank is the doctor, Evan is Hank's brother and a CPA, Divya is the physician assistant, Boris (played by Campbell Scott) is the benefactor. It's just one of those shows with characters that are interesting and engaging and you want to watch each week to see what happens next. Looking forward to next season!

We also are new fans of Burn Notice, on the same network, but it's season is over 'til next winter. Another fun show. I like how Fiona is such a kick-butt kind of a gal. And I like how Michael can be kind of a dork, as much as a spy can be a dork... All the characters are fun. Now we can catch up on the previous season's shows on Netflix and have something fun to watch that doesn't take as much of a time commitment as a full-length movie. (We'll get to you sooner or later, Slumdog.)

Do you watch Royal Pains or Burn Notice?

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