Saturday, August 15, 2009

::Saturday Sundries:: No. 7

Lunch Box Love Note
Yes, it's the ol' love note in the lunch box. These are so easy to do and bring such surprise and happiness to the recipient. You just have to be a little sneaky (here's a little clip from a silly movie I like, just for fun).

I taped a love note onto the inside of Valerie's lunch box on her first day of kindergarten. I had to ask her to go pick out a pair of socks for Andrew (which she loves to do) to get her out of the kitchen while I did it. She told me later that afternoon that she really liked my note.

I used to write little notes on Post-its and sneak them into his lunch bag when Tom and I were newlyweds 14 years ago. Now I like to hide a card in his carry-on when he goes out-of-town on business. Since Tom typically leaves at O-dark-hundred for trips, I have to very quietly get up and put the card in his suitcase after he has gone to bed. I just love getting a call from him the next night when he is in his hotel room and has found it. It's totally worth the staying up waiting for him to fall asleep.

Really, you could sneak a little love note for someone who stays home (and drives the kids all over town), too. Say, for a Stay-At-Home-Mom, wink-wink. Just put a little love note somewhere she won't expect to find it.

Do you like to sneak love notes?

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