Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Return of Naptime

With Valerie off at kindergarten, naptime is back. Oh, how I've missed it. Valerie stopped napping shortly after she turned 2. (Thence was born "rest time," but that is another story.) So, it has been well over 3 years since I reliably had an hour without parenting duty in the middle of the day. As you may know, this time quickly becomes sacred. Nothing must disrupt naptime. Yes, the child needs the rest. And so does the mama.

Andrew (who is 18 months old now) is such a sweet little cherub when he is sleeping. He's a little cutie when he is awake, too, don't get me wrong. But there is just something so incredibly darling about a dozing toddler, cheeks flushed with sleep. Preciousness. It's all I can do not to go in and take lots of pictures of him sleeping. Except the sound of the camera might wake him up. So I let him be. And when he wakes, oh more cuteness. He doesn't fuss or cry. He just climbs off the bed and comes to find me, a little toddling bundle, all rosy and warm.

And naptime is over.

He is a slow waker-upper, so Andrew and I get to cuddle for several minutes before he is ready to play. I love this ritual, especially when it's just us at home without any other distractions. I feel like I have the wonderful opportunity of really getting to know this little boy now. I do miss Valerie's company, but I am grateful that now I get to give Andrew some of the one-on-one attention she got when she was his age.

The flip side is that since Valerie isn't around to occupy Andrew's attention, I'm not getting as many things done around the house as I was before she started school, not that that much was getting done previously, but still. This is something I hadn't anticipated (but that is another story). And in time I will figure out what changes to make, how to tweak our routines, etc.

But for now I'll just celebrate The Return of Naptime.

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  1. When the kids ignore and like their friends better than you, you'll have plenty of time to get stuff done. ;-)