Thursday, September 24, 2009

A New Rhythm: The First Few Beats

I feel like things are starting to come together around here. It started this week. I think my love of Autumn might have something to do with it. Change is in the air...

Valerie is in her 7th week of school already, but I just figured out that we all need to get up a half hour earlier to make absolutely sure I can get her to school on time (and not lose my mind in the process). Why did it take me so long to figure this out when it seems so obvious? I guess sometimes I forget for a while that I have "surrendered to motherhood" and the way that I think things ought to go isn't based in any kind of reality when it comes to working with two small people with big personalities and opinions and issues. Getting up earlier allows for more time to deal with any such issues that inevitably arise. Also, it helps get Daddy out the door sooner, which leads to him getting back in the door sooner. And that's good for everyone.

The bedtime routine has been modified as well. It is all about getting the kids into a quieter and calmer state just before bed so they can fall asleep more quickly and easily. We've always gotten the kids into bed at a reasonable hour, but they haven't always fallen asleep that early. I'm finding that with a few changes to the routine they are more ready for sleep now when they hit the sack. And they are sleeping just as late in the morning. More sleep. Now that's good for everyone, too.

Also, I'm starting to figure out what my own weekly routine is becoming. (This is where I always wonder, had I lived 50 years ago, would one of those sets of days of the week dishtowels with a different chore embroidered on each have helped me organize my time better?) Having a routine is always a more comfortable way for me to go about getting things done. And I'm so mindful of balancing time spent in the car, time spent running errands, time at the park, time at home, so that Valerie and Andrew--and I--don't feel we are always running around. That way it is fun to throw in something spontaneous (or sanity-saving) now and then.

Beginning and ending the day more peacefully feels so nice. Like a cool fall breeze. It gives me more energy to move through the demands of the day. That, and remembering to breathe (thanks, Wendy).

And, just maybe, I can start embroidering a nifty set of dishtowels during the cozy Autumn evenings after the kids are asleep. Along with the ten thousand other things I have to do.

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  1. Can I get one of those organizing dishtowels please. Wow you said my name!