Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Currently on My Hook

Right after I finished Andrew's sweater, I got reacquainted with this project I began for Valerie sometime before last Valentine's Day. I know that's when it was because I had a faint hope of finishing it so she could wear it to preschool for the Valentine's party. Well, that didn't happen.

But that's OK. I'm just making it a little bigger now. She is still very excited about it. I am, too. Pink is not one of my favorite colors, but I will admit to liking the way it looks on Valerie. Plus, this yarn is just so neat. It is Moda Dea Beadnik in Bongo Pink. What a name. There are little beads and an iridescent strand woven in throughout, so it is pretty special. Also special was the price. Half off!

I am making the Red Shrug Set from Trendy Crochet for Girls. It is a cute pattern and it is all crocheted together in one piece, which I like. A lot.

Valerie will also be getting the matching hat and flower. Just wait 'til you see the yarn she picked out for the edging. Honestly, I love Valerie's colorful style. Yesterday she was home sick from school, but when we went out on an errand, she wore a pink/orange/white striped top with purple floral pants, red Valentine's socks with white x's and o's and pink trim, and pink/yellow/green/white floral canvas mary janes. I guess the pink is what tied it all together. Totally adorable. Totally Valerie.

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  1. So much fun. And now I so want to learn how to crochet. She is going to LOVE it:)