Thursday, December 3, 2009

Round Ripple Afghan

Here is what I've been working on. But, no, it isn't finished. I got serious yesterday and did a lot of cleaning and de-cluttering around the house. The only problem (?) with that is that I'm one of those kinds of people who find it hard to stop once I start actually cleaning and de-cluttering. I keep jumping up to take care of one more thing. That's hard to do when you have small children who need to be fed and changed and bathed and played with! A lot of the bigger cleaning and de-cluttering projects never even get started because I simply cannot imagine starting them and having to stop before I finish. There is probably a diagnosis for that.

But, I'm digressing from the original digression. The Round Ripple Afghan. I ordered this one from Herrschners and kept it in a bag in the car for several months. Whenever Andrew had a car nap while Valerie was at preschool, I'd just park and crochet. Then summer came and preschool ended, and there was much less of that, so I moved the bag out of the car. It ended up in a pile in the guest room where I just came across it again. This afghan is so easy to work on. The yarn is chunky and uses a (gasp!) size K crochet hook. I rarely crochet anything that calls for a hook size larger than G, so this is a leap for me. Feels a little like cheating, because the project is working up so quickly.

Let me tell you what I really like about this afghan. It is made out of wool yarn. This is the first time I have ever worked with wool and it is really nice. As a tactile experience, I am so enjoying the feel of this yarn. And I'm also really enjoying the colors. I've said before that I'm not a big fan of pink (raspberry, actually), but I'm liking it in this afghan. And the variegated yarn? It is fun on a big project like this where you can really see the patterns come out.

So, a lot of rambling about crochet for one post, I know. There will be more because I also got the kit in blues. See, the pink afghan is for Valerie and the blue one will be for Andrew. I can only imagine the fun and interesting ways they are going to play with these. And I'm sure there will be some cozy cuddling, too. Which is why I'm eying the one in mulberry jewel tones to make for myself (after the holidays, of course). I am allowed to do that, right?


  1. So pretty!! A friend gave me a round blanket for Erik and it's the perfect size for in the car..I'm assuming these will be much bigger.
    LOVE the new masthead!

  2. It is beautiful! You have inspired me to pick up the crochet hook is slow going, but it is very relaxing! (and with 4 kids I need relaxing whenever possible!)