Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Countup

Over the weekend, I helped Valerie make this Christmas countdown chain. "But it's actually counting up, " she informed me, since each number corresponds to that day of December. True. And she should know, she wrote all the numbers. Each link also has a Christmas sticker on it. It's a fun and easy project that we also made last year (only last year she was only responsible for putting on the stickers).

Each morning Valerie gets to take off another link of the chain until, finally, the big day arrives. That's in just 24 more days, my friends.

I'm pleased to report that I finished my Christmas shopping on November 30th this year, hooray! There is still so much to do, but I am sticking to keeping it simple. And now that I am almost over whatever awful flu-like virus it was that laid me up for the past week, I am feeling pretty jolly and will probably break out the holiday decorations this weekend. But that means de-cluttering and dusting of several horizontal surfaces first, so that there are places to place said decorations.

And I've already gotten a tad distracted. It all started with a small attempt at de-cluttering a pile of stuff in the guest room. I came across an unfinished crochet project. And I was itching to crochet, anyway, having finished Valerie's sweater. So, I'll share that with you on Thursday. At the rate I've been going, it might just be finished by then! Here's a teaser.

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