Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just One More Christmas-y Post

I have a number of beautiful rolls of Christmas wrapping paper that I totally adore. It is so hard for me to cut it up and use it to wrap gifts with. But I do. Because c'mon, it's wrapping paper.

But the other night I was thinking about my clean kitchen and two clean bathrooms and all the stress it took to get them that way all at the same time, and I thought, I really need to write down a few things about this past holiday prep to keep in mind for next year. (Yes, I used to be a teacher. I have 8 lesson plan books to prove it.)

Then I thought about all the things that I might like to do differently next year. And all the new things I'd like to try. After all, the kids will be a year older next year, a little bit more independent--imagine the possibilities.

I wondered, wouldn't it be nice to have a little notebook to keep track of it all, fill with ideas, wish lists, give lists?

Then, an idea struck me which would satisfy my need to hold onto just a little bit of that wonderful wrap, while at the same time provide me with a darling notebook to jot down ideas for next holiday season. And it was free.

I folded four pieces of regular 8 1/2 x 11" printer paper in half, made a cover out of wrapping paper, and stapled it together. Simple. And then I cheerfully cut enough covers out of all the other rolls of lovely paper that is so hard for me to part with to make notebooks for several years to come.

Just maybe, it will help me get the Christmas cards sent out before Christmas next year.

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