Thursday, January 7, 2010

Up Too Late Watching PBS

Tom and I have stayed up way too late this week. Yeah, that's right, we've been up past eleven. I'm blaming the excellent programming on PBS. And no, it is not a telethon week, thank goodness.

We've been watching This Emotional Life, a three part series that ended last night. I hate to be telling you about this after the fact, but I'm pretty sure you will be able to catch it again, probably even this week.

I'm so glad that we live in a time when these things are discussed more openly than ever before. I'm especially glad for our kids. It has gotten me thinking about one of the main strategies I used as a teacher, and now use with Valerie and Andrew: getting kids to talk about, identify and accept their feelings. I think this one strategy will go a long way in their emotional health. I hope so, anyway.

And that's one of the things we do as parents, right? A lot of hoping.

Note: Image is of a painting by Valerie at age three.


  1. This is the best are a true artist!

  2. I watched one episode and loved it too. The bullying topic really freaked me out. I'm still sad for Jeffrey and his poor mother. I can't get their story out of my head. It's one of the saddest stories I've ever heard.

    I've been talking with Makenna about speaking up not only for herself but her friends too when a bully is around. It's one of the toughest issues growing up. I remember clearly when I was bullied and didn't say anything about it for a long time. I'm hoping Makenna and Kyle will be better equipped to handle this when it comes their way.

    It's so comforting having a program like Emotional Life on the air. I look forward to seeing the other two episodes!