Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Birthday Shirt - 2010

Some cutie little boy I know had his second birthday recently. My precious Andrew is now two. How can that be?

On the morning of his birthday I happened to look at the clock and noticed it was within minutes of the very moment of Andrew's birth two years ago. My heart leaped into my throat. And I recalled meeting him for the first time so small and pink and warm. Birthdays are extra special days for the mamas (and daddies), too, wouldn't you agree? I can't imagine my feelings about my kids' birthdays will change even as decades go by.

Above is Andrew's birthday shirt. I've made a dress, or outfit, for Valerie for each birthday (from two on), so Andrew gets his turn, too. I used Simplicity pattern 2907. It went pretty well except for two things. One, sewing these kinds of sleeves in nearly always confounds me. I need to look around for some good tips on getting it right. Andrew's sleeves turned out just a tad puckered (even after two attempts), which totally frustrated me. And two, I should have practiced making a buttonhole for the first time on my "new" sewing machine. At least I started with the bottom hole. If you look closely at the picture, you will see it is not really a "hole" at all. But I did sew a button opposite just for effect. And then had to show my mom right away when she got to the party because I knew she would understand (thanks, Mom).

Luckily, Andrew did not notice either glaring error and was quite pleased to wear his monkey shirt (yes, yes!) for his party, and actually resisted taking it off afterward. And that is the happy memory I will hold onto from Andrew's second birthday.

Well, that and several others, too.

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  1. So sorry we had to miss it! Hope he had a grand time! I bet he looked very adorable in that sweet little shirt