Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday on DVD: Abre los Ojos

Have you seen Vanilla Sky? Well, if not, then just...don't. Please see the original and much better, Abre los Ojos. The title of this cool foreign film from Spain translates to "Open Your Eyes".

Penelope Cruz stars opposite Eduardo Noriega in this thriller that will keep you guessing 'til the very end (unless you have seen Vanilla Sky, in which case you should see Abre los Ojos--even though you will have to read English subtitles, unless you speak Spanish--anyway because Penelope Cruz plays the same role, and it is a much better movie.)

And one of the great things about foreign films is that you get to experience different perspectives in film making, which might leave you confused, but also just might broaden your mind. Plus, what I like to do with Spanish language films is put the Spanish subtitles on so I can read the dialogue and practice my skills. Either way, Abre los Ojos is definitely worth a look.

Which foreign films would you recommend?

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  1. okay, I am going to add this the the netflix queue right now.
    I have just seen Vicky, Christina, Barcelona, which has P. Cruz in it too but is Woody Allen and not foreign. Kinda.
    But have you checked out:
    7 Dias? Very cool.
    And I had seen Vanilla Sky but I still want to see this.