Thursday, February 18, 2010

Letters to Grandma

My beautiful, kind, generous, creative, super-wonderful grandma is ninety-six years old. And she lives five hours away from me. That's just way too far. I used to try to call her every few weeks, but it has gotten harder to have phone conversations (cell phone issues, finding a good time to call). So, a while ago, I decided to send her weekly letters.

It has been so fun and easy to do. I just copy and paste photos into a Word document, then print it out. Lots of pictures of the kids, some of my crochet projects, some of what I see outside my window. Then I hand write the letter and captions for the photos.

She has been very happy to receive them! And I feel like even though I don't get to see her very often (though I try to as often as I can) she is getting to see pictures of the kids and little snapshots into my life.

Next time I visit with her we are going to have a fashion show with all her incredible hats from the 1940s-60s. I can't wait! Valerie and Andrew are going to look so adorable. Great Grandma, too.


  1. what a great idea!! i should write her too - but I do always send pictures her way.

  2. Love that Hat fashion show....should be great time..Grandma is soo blessed with all this love letters....she read them al the time ...I will get started also....

  3. What a nice idea! I work with seniors so its nice to see that you are so connected!

  4. I like this Sara. It's very thoughtful. Not to mention how nice it is to receive real mail and not junk mail or email.