Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Valerie lost her first tooth last week. The Tooth Fairy left her a shiny golden Sacagawea dollar coin under her pillow. Good thing she had obtained a roll of them from the nice guy at the bank who had to go into the vault to get it just the week before.

This seems like such a huge milestone. It first hit me when we noticed the bottom left front tooth was loose the week before Christmas. Then the bottom right. Then the two adult teeth started growing in behind. Pretty soon it was like, just fall out already! But secretly, I knew the event would be a little bittersweet for me. I love to enjoy these milestones with Valerie and celebrate how big she's getting, but at the same time I just want "put a brick on her head" as my grandma used to tell my sister and I, to keep us from growing up. I totally get it now.

Off to pick up a brick. Make that two bricks.


  1. My oldest is ten and has a mouth full of big adult teeth and when did THAT happen? Where did my baby GO?

  2. SO fun! The tooth fairy brings silver dollars at our house:)

  3. I'll never forget when my oldest, Matt was sitting at dinner one night and suddenly started as though he'd bitten himself. He said "I chang-ed my tooth" and knew immediately that it meant that the tooth was loose. What a great description: Chang-ed. I almost immediately started to cry. It was like it was the end of babyhood all of a sudden and I wasn't ready.

    There, of course, have been other signs of the end of babyhood. Like when the last word he typically mis-pronounced, "brefkist", suddenly came out as "breakfast". I honor those passings each time. Knowing that it's gone and will never return. I'm delighted to see the man he's becoming, and yet missing the baby and child that he was.