Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love Bugs

These are little Valentine treats for Valerie and Andrew. I've been crocheting them while Valerie is at school, or after she has gone to bed. Andrew has been around all along, but he is still young enough that it doesn't really matter. Kind of like how I took him with me Christmas shopping to buy gifts from Santa. He'll be wise by next year.

The idea for these little love bugs came from the Lily Sugar 'n Cream site. Here is the free pattern. I used yarn from my stash (sounds so illegal). And I modified the pattern a bit. See, the teacher in me wants bugs to have six legs rather than four. Plus the two antennae.

(OK, I know they might just look a little more like love crabs. But we won't go there.)

I'm hoping they will be a fun surprise tucked into a pair of (store-bought, gasp!) Valentine's slippers for Valerie and socks for Andrew. I have two more love bugs to finish up.

Then, I will get to the dishes. I'm hoping it will be a fun surprise for Tom this evening when he opens the dishwasher and sees clean silverware.

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  1. Very cute gifts. I MEANT to sew some V-day gifts this year but never got around to it!