Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday on DVD: Chocolat

Chocolat is the perfect movie for Valentine's Day. It has the two necessary ingredients, chocolate and love. Oh, and the ephemeral Juliette Binoche, the handsome Johnny Depp, and many other fine actors.

I like this movie for it's enchanting story, it's colors (I would wear any of Vianne's clothes and shoes), and it's whimsy. It also has a bit of darkness to it, but I don't mind. I could watch it every year. And not just because I like chocolate.

You can find a synopsis here. However you chose to spend your Valentine's day, I hope you create your very own love scenes.

Happy Heart's Day!


  1. I loved this movie! And I REALLY loved the book. I think I've read it three times...

  2. I loved this movie and agree with Lori that the book was even better! There's a sequel to the book called The Lollipop Shoes thats almost as good.