Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Night Weaning, Radical Parenting, and Breakfast Out

Into the third week of the third attempt at night weaning Andrew, I am a zombie. Whatever happened to third time's the charm? We were almost there back in October when he got an ear infection ten days in, and I decided to wait. Then we were a week in last November when we ended up with the swine flu. Then there was a lot of traveling, thus waiting. This time, I am so ready, nothing will stop me. Andrew, however, is that much older, that much wiser, and has other ideas. And he just got a cold. I have it, too. That is why I caved at 5:54 a.m. this morning, and went ahead and nursed him instead of spending the next hour (waiting for the sun to peek through the curtains) beside a toddler yelling, kicking, and tugging at my hair.

We'll be back at it early, early, early tomorrow morning, I'm sure.

Which brings me to Radical Parenting. (I couldn't find a synopsis provided by Discovery Health, which aired the show, so I am just providing a link to upcoming air times.) I happened upon this TV show last week in a rare instance of channel surfing. Well not so rare in the evenings before my 9:00 p.m. bedtime (you have to go to bed early when you plan to be woken up at 4-ish a.m.), since I have been a zombie.

Apparently, in some ways, I am a radical parent. Certainly, my own parents have thought that, at times. I just try to do what feels right. And I read Attachment Parenting when Valerie was just a few months old, then Mothering Your Nursing Toddler, when she was nearly two. Both books were in contrast to other parenting books I had in the stack. And they made me feel much better about the decisions I was making, including: baby-wearing, co-sleeping, extended nursing. But according to the show, I guess I am radical because of it. I honestly think that every parent's style of parenting would be considered radical by someone else!

Anyway. Me, zombie. So yesterday was especially trying because of the time change, and then Andrew took a spill at the playground that resulted in a very loud clang as his poor little noggin hit the play structure, and I nearly had to vomit from the fright of it. And the afternoon was crazy because he is also in the process of giving up his daily nap.

No nap + night weaning + time change = insanity. Just in case you needed me to do the math.

But this morning, after we got Valerie to school (tardy, I might add, which is NOT the norm), I took Andrew out to breakfast. And we had a lovely time at my favorite breakfast joint, which lifted my spirits. And I had two cups of coffee so I could come home and write this post!


  1. you scare me with this! i think i might go insane from the teething, and I beat myself up everytime I pull that litle guy out of his crib for a snuggle - and of course now he's figured out if he cries and fusses enough he can sleep with Momma. The only thing I know for certain in this world of parenting is that I love the hell out of my kid and I know you do too and you just have to do what feels right to you.
    Dealing with the judgements of everyone else is hard though........I hope the little guys head is OK!

  2. Hi Sara, I stumbled over from a comment you left at Betz White. I hope you have a better today tomorrow in the battle of the breast. I've been there; I know it's very hard. In an earlier post, you wrote something like "the minute he goes to kindergarten, I think I'll head right to the craft shop." That was me, and now my children are 11 and 8. It's a different world. You wrote about the non-weekends of parenting - there are times I still turn to my husband and say at how civilized I feel when I have an adult conversation with friends after dinner, when we walk through an airport and the kids pull their own suitcases. I'm writing blog subtitled "becoming an artist in midlife" and it's a journey I would say began when I put the youngest on the bus to kindergarten. First I wanted to lay in the driveway and sleep for about a year. Then I wanted to make things. Maybe my blog will give you a tiny glimpse into what's comingg next. So nice to "meet" you.

  3. It will get better....It will. We had some tough nights and tough days. I remember once my two oldest kids (who are 18 months apart) would not go to sleep. I drove them around forever, hoping the motion would lull them to sleep. Then, when I got home and lifted them out of the car seats, they both woke up screaming. I nearly collapsed from exhaustion. So, I put them both in their cribs and we all had a good crying out.

  4. I love that you went out to breakfast with your son. Sometimes that is the only thing you can do, accept the craziness and try to let go of what is frustrating you by just embracing the moment and doing something good for both of you. I wish you lots of luck and some good sleep!