Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sock Thing

Paula over at On A Rainy Night.... had a super idea this month: Story Time Stitches. She has invited fellow bloggers to create something based on a childrens' book illustration.

I really wished I could participate, but I am a zombie. Then, I somehow remembered that I already had created something based on a childrens' book. It's Sock Thing, one of Kipper the Dog's toys from the books by Mick Inkpen. And you know how we love Kipper around here. Not just the animated cartoons. We have the books, too!

So, I saw these tube socks at Target on clearance for 99 cents back when Valerie was two years old, and they immediately reminded me of Sock Thing. Once at home (OK, it was probably more like a few weeks later...) I sewed on googly eyes and a yellow pompom nose. There is another Sock Thing around here somewhere with a green nose, but he could not be found for the photo op.

What would you like to create based on a childrens' book illustration? There are still a couple of weeks left to participate. And Paula is even giving out a prize at the end of the month!


  1. Hi Sara! I LOVE your Sock Thing. He's the cutest ever!! I've posted him on my blog and put a link to this post on my sidebar under Story Time Stitches. Thanks so much for participating!

  2. My daughter looooooved Kipper too!

  3. whoop for sock puppets and for mick inkpen. have fun re-telling the story over and over again!

  4. The Kipper books are so cute! And the sock thing is so simple but adorable - my sort of craft!

  5. Your sock-thing is cute. It's something I could handle....This makes me want to have a do-over and have little ones again (maybe not -- but some days).

    Have a wonderful weekend.