Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pocket Purse

Last week I was looking at Betz White's pretty blog and saw this post about the Upcycled Water Bottle Sling she made. And I remembered a similar project I made a couple of years ago out of a worn-out but dearly loved pair of aqua-colored linen pants I had. I made this cute little purse for Valerie out of the pockets, drawstring and waistband button.

It has a pocket on each side with a flap and button, plus the inside is a pocket to which I added a button and loop closure. It was both fun and satisfying to make. But there is one problem. Now I am developing a stash of worn-out clothes to "upcycle". Like I need another stash. Of anything.


  1. I have been making pot holders stuffed with old towels and backed with old jeans...

    Oh, the stash. Yipes!