Thursday, March 4, 2010

Red Sweater, Blue Scarf

I've been working on this red crochet sweater, for me. I've never attempted an adult sized sweater, so it is pretty exciting. It was going quite well, from the bottom edge up, until I got to the neck shaping. The instructions aren't making perfect sense to me and the neckline doesn't look like the picture. And it is hard to concentrate on figuring it all out a few minutes at a time with two kids bopping around the living room.

So, I started another project to work on in the meantime. A blue scarf for a friend. The first flower motif got off to a good start in the living room with the bopping kids, but then I couldn't figure out the joining of the second. Hence, I had two projects going that I couldn't figure out.

After a few more tries over the next few days, I got the joining figured out with the scarf motifs and am on my way with three flowers down, only twenty-seven more to go!

As for the sweater, I am so eager to finish it because I really want to wear it. But I need to find a block of time I can devote my full attention to it (besides at night--bedtime has been a little unpredictable lately). Haven't had many of those in the past (nearly) six years.

But the kids bopping in the living room? I'll take it any day. I have decades for crochet.


  1. Isn't that just the way - I've got a purse that I cut out ages ago but I wanted to do something different with the pockets which requires a little math (shudder). I haven't had any time to really sink my teeth in it. Some day!

  2. Missing those days of little one's bopping around in the living room. Just the thought of it makes me smile...
    I've just tonight started my very first adult sized sweater too and it's for me! Yeah! Mine's a knit down from the neck, so far so good but only about 20 rows in. Good luck with yours!