Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday on DVD: Pane e tulipani

Pane e tulipani, (Bread and Tulips) is an Italian movie that I first saw years ago, back in 2001. It is about a housewife who is left behind at a rest stop by her family, and goes on to create a new life for herself.

As improbable a plot as it is, the story of this comedy/romance/drama is just enticing. And having worked a while for a florist, I could almost smell the flowers. You can view the trailer here.

Something I like about many foreign films I have seen over the years is how the actors seem to look more like real everyday people than in many of our mainstream American movies. That is true of Pane e tulipani, as well. Licia Maglietta, who plays the main character Rosalba, is so lovely and earthy and looks like someone you might run into at the grocery store. I really appreciate that.

This film also won several awards, so check it out!

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